Sebastian Ritter

Student Research Assistant

University of Applied Sciences Münster
Department of Social Work
Hüfferstraße 27
48149 Münster



Sebastian Ritter has been studying Social Work at the University of Applied Sciences Münster since Spetember 2017 and has been working as a student research assistant in the DFG project “Digital Alienation and appropriation of work: Experiences of alienation in digital service work” since December 2020.

Prior to his studies of Social Work he was successfully trained as a galvanizer in one of Europe’s largest industrial appliers for electrolytical cathodic corrosion protection and later on employed in the companie’s department for research and development.

Besides his studies Sebastian works as an instructor of a music school class for early musical education and English.

Research Interests

  • Digitization
  • Critical Social Theory
  • Theories of Capitalism
  • Sociology of Work